Animal Biotechnology Division

Animal Biotechnology Division came into existence w.e.f. 16.01.2014 from the erstwhile DNA Fingerprinting Unit by the Council’s orders. Present strength of Division is seven scientists supported by four technical staff, working in diverse fields as per institute’s mandated activities. Besides mandated genetic characterization work on various livestock species, major emphasis is on utilizing genomic tools for the identification and evaluation of genes, and transcripts involved in adaptation, disease resistance and various production related traits.

Other than institutional projects, the division currently, has one National Fellow project on “Genome data mining to unravel molecular basis of thermo tolerance and adaptation to diverse environments in native cattle and buffaloes” and a DBT project on “Whole genome based SNP mining and development of breed signatures for dairy and dual-purpose indigenous cattle” as externally funded projects. Two NAIP funded research projects “Toll-like receptors in farm animals: evolutionary lineages and application in disease resistance” and “Analysis of mammary gland transcriptome and proteome during lactation and involution in indigenous cattle and buffalo for identification of probable mammary biomarkers” have also been recently completed successfully in the division.

Two of its scientists have been awarded Dr. P.G. Nair best scientific worker award. Four scientists of the division are also members in NDRI biotechnology faculty, involved in teaching and Masters and Ph.D. students guiding activities. One patent from the division has also been filed. Division has been regularly publishing quality research work in various international journals of high repute in the field as well as organizes training programme for researchers of NARES.