Division of Animal Biotechnology

ANIMAL BIOTECHNOLOGY Division was established in 2014, after re-organization of the erstwhile DNA Fingerprinting Unit. The division has the mandate of ‘Evaluation of functional genes/biomolecules for enhancing AnGR utilization’. In the era of IPR, underpinning the molecular architecture of native livestock and identification of unique biomolecules/genes has assumed great importance. The Division is dedicated to conduct research on identification and evaluation of genes, transcripts, and metabolites involved in adaptation, disease resistance and various production related traits of livestock species. Various institute and externally funded projects on genetic characterization of livestock/poultry species are running as per the mandate of the Division.

Salient achievements of the Division include:

  • Delineation of genetic superiority of native breeds for climatic resilience
  • Exploration of health implications of A1/A2 milk
  • Identification of genes contributing to unique attributes of meat of Bandur sheep
  • Identification of gene networks relevant to pashmina production in Changthangi goats
  • Generation of comprehensive metabolome spectra in colostrum samples of high altitude adapted AnGR
  • Unraveling of the molecular basis of seasonal variation on seminal attributes in buffalo bulls
  • Understanding of host-pathogen interactions for various diseases of livestock (mastitis and haemoprotozoan diseases)
  • Characterization of genetic diversity and population structure of native AnGR based on microsatellite, mitochondrial, genotyping by sequencing and whole genome sequencing based markers.
  • Designing and development of high density SNP arrays for genetic diversity analysis and association studies

In addition to the mandate of the Division, scientists are proactively contributing in the “Mission towards zero non-descript AnGR of India” and are involved in phenotypic and genetic characterization of native livestock and poultry genetic resources of different states. Scientists of the division are also involved in teaching and student guiding activities. Research publications in high impact national and international journals are reflective of the activities of the Division. Many scientists of the Division have been bestowed with coveted awards for their research accomplishments and are invited to share their work at different platforms. The Cattle Genomics lab is providing services for testing the status of A1/A2 allele of beta casein in milk samples from indigenous, exotic and crossbred cows.

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