Externally Funded Projects (ongoing)

S.N Project Title Team Period Funding Agency
1.  CRP on Agro-biodiversity Conservation of Animal Genetic Resources. MS Tantia, RAK Aggarwal, PK Vij, and Rekha Sharma June, 2015 – contd. ICAR PLAN FUND ICAR-CRP
2.  ICAR-CRP Genomics-Animal Component Reena Arora (PI from April, 2019), RK Vijh, Sonika Ahlawat, Jayakumar S (up to 30.09.2020) June, 2015 – contd. ICAR PLAN FUND


3.  Comparative Genome analysis of Indian chicken breeds. RK Vijh, Reena Arora, Jayakumar S and Sonika Ahlawat (NBAGR) SB Lal (CCPI), DC Mishra, Md. Samir Farooqi and SudhirSrivastava (IASRI) April, 2020 to March, 2025. CABIN
4.  Exploring Molecular basis of seasonal variation of seminal attributes and identification of potential biomarkers for selection of Buffalo bulls with quality semen. Pawan Singh -PI-ICAR-NDRI, Pardeep Kumar-PI-ICAR-CIRB and RS Kataria-PI ICAR-NBAGR and Co-PI- Manishi Mukesh, RAK Aggarwal, Dharmender Kumar-ICAR-CIRB and AK Tyagi-ICAR-NDRI. September, 2020 to  September, 2023. DBT
5.  Characterizing Milk Colostrum of Ladakhi Cows and Yak for Identification of Biomolecules with Therapeutic Potential NBAGR: M Mukesh, M Sodhi, RS Kataria, SK Niranjan; NDRI: A Mohanty, S Kumar; DRDO-DIPAS: M Sharma; JMU: Z Ashraf; IIS: Sathees RD; DRDO-DIHAR: VK Bharti Jan, 2021 to  Dec, 2023 DST
6.  Delineating Genomic Diversity, Population Structure and Demographic Dynamics in Diverse Native Buffalo Breeds of India.’ Coordinated Research Project (CRP): “Improving efficiency of animal breeding programs using nuclear related genomic information – practical applications in developing countries Monika Sodhi, RS Kataria Manishi Mukesh and BP Mishra Nov, 2022 to Oct, 2027 IAEA Research Contract No. 24756