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Mission towards Zero Non-descript AnGR of India: Interface Meet on AnGR of Bihar state held on 30th July 2022

Bureau organized its 13th State Interface Meet on July 30 for Bihar, under the ‘Mission towards Zero Non-descript AnGR of India’ at Bihar Agriculture Management and Extension Training Institute, Patna. More than 100 delegates including scientists of ICAR-NBAGR, ICAR Research Complex for Eastern Region, Academicians of Bihar Animal Science University (BASU) and Officers of Animal Husbandry Department attended the Meet on “Characterization and Documentation of Animal Genetic Resources of Bihar: A Mission towards Zero Non-Descript Population”.

Dr. N. Saravana Kumar, Secretary, Department of Animal and Fisheries Resources, Govt. of Bihar chaired the meeting. In his address, Dr. Kumar acknowledged ICAR to initiate country-wide mission for describing all native AnGR. Emphasizing the paramount importance, he further urged to the officers of the department to support ICAR for documenting the native animals in the state and accomplishing the mission.

Dr. Rameshwar Singh, Vice Chancellor, BASU, Patna, emphasized on importance of native AnGR in rural society; and further advocated the necessity of genetic improvement of indigenous breeds for their sustenance in future.

Dr. B.P. Mishra, Director of the Bureau informed the delegates the activities under the mission, conducting interface meets and initiating documentation in collaboration with state animal husbandry departments and universities. He also explained the value of native AnGR in food and financial security, ecosystem services and biodiversity.

Dr. A Upadhyaya, Director, ICAR-RCER, explained the efforts taken by ICAR in characterizing, documenting and registering different Livestock Genetic Resources in the Country. Dr. M.S. Tantia, ICAR-NBAGR and Dr. P.C. Chandran, ICAR-RCER explained the technical programme to undertake various activities under the mission.