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Mission towards Zero Non-Descript AnGR of India: Interface Meeting on AnGR of Uttar Pradesh held on 7th December 2021

In a series of State-specific Interface Meets under Mission towards zero non-descript AnGR of India, ICAR-NBAGR organized online Interface meet for Uttar Pradesh state on 7th December, 2021. The meet with a theme of “Characterization and Documentation of Animal Genetic Resources of Uttar Pradesh: A Mission Towards Zero Non-Descript Populations” was attended by 195 participants including the Senior officers of ICAR, ICAR Institutes, DUVASU Mathura, NDUAT Ayodhya, SVBPUAT Meerut, KVKs, Colleges, Dept. of Animal Husbandry, UPLDB Uttrar Pradesh etc.

Dr Jaswant Singh, Associate Professor AG&B, NDUAT Kumarganj Ayodhya, explained the potential livestock breeds in the state. Dr A K Singh CEO UPLDB spoke about the plan and policies of UP AH department of Uttar Pradesh and importance of the mission and urged for the larger partnership of various agencies including ICAR species specific institutes, SAUs, KVKs, AHD of Uttar Pradesh in the mission.  

Dr G K Singh, Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor, DUVASU Mathura addressed the participants and drew the attention towards the development of Animal Husbandry sector in the states and emphasized the breed specific breeding policies and conservation of breeds for sustainable utilization and appreciated the efforts of ICAR-NBAGR for initiating this important national mission. Dr Indramani, Director Disease Control & Farms Lucknow appreciated the work initiated by NBAGR and assured full support for mission during survey. Dr V K Saxena, Asst. Director General (AP&B), ICAR in his remarks, emphasized about vast livestock and poultry genetic resources and urged for adopting the suitable survey methodology for their documentation in collaboration with various agencies of Uttar Pradesh. 

Earlier, Dr BP Mishra, Director of NBAGR welcomed the participants and presented the bureau’s activities and strategies for characterizing and documenting non-descript population in the country under the mission.  Dr A Mitra, Director CIRC Meerut, Dr A K Tiwari Director CARI Bareilly, Dr B Rai Director (Acting) CIRG Mathura, Dr R S Gandhi Head AGR NBAGR Karnal, Dr P K Shukla, Dean, Vety College, Mathura, Dr G K Gaur Head LPM IVRI Bareilly and Dr B P Kushwaha, PS IGFRI Jhansi, provided the insights about the AnGR and their stakeholders in Uttar Pradesh and suggested various points for characterization and documentation of non-descript AnGR and improvement of the native breeds in the state. Dr A K Mishra, Principal Scientist, NBAGR further outlined the survey strategies for documenting the native AnGR in the state. Dr Reena Arora PS, NBAGR co-ordinated the interface meeting.