Registration of Two Native Buffalo Breeds from Karnataka and Odisha

ICAR-National Bureau of Animal Genetic Resources, Karnal (NBAGR) is the nodal agency for the registration of newly identified germplasm of livestock and poultry of the country. In 9th BRC meeting chaired by Dr B N Tripathi, DDG (AS), ICAR held on 16th August, 2021, two new breeds of buffalo were approved for the registration. Including these newly registered buffalo breeds, total number of indigenous breeds now in the country is 202, which include 50 for cattle, 19 for buffalo, 34 for goat, 44 for sheep, 7 for horses & ponies, 9 for camel, 10 for pig, 3 for donkey, 1 for yak, 19 for chicken, 2 for duck, 1 for geese and 3 of dog.

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