Shweta Kapila Cattle

National Bureau of Animal Genetic Resources
Karnal-132001 (Haryana)

Complete white colouredcattle found in North Goa and South Goa districts of Goa State. White colour extends from muzzle to tail switch including eyelashes and muzzle (whitish brown). Short to medium statured animal with straight face, straight and small horns directed upward and outward, and small to medium hump. Udder is bowl shaped and small to medium in size with cylindrical teats having rounded tips. Daily Milk Yield ranges from 1.8 to 3.4kg with an average of 2.8 kg and lactation milk yield from 250 to 650kg. Height ranges from 97 to 137cm. Population size is approximately 22,000.

shewta f
Shweta Kapila Female
shewta male
Shweta Kapila Male