Somatic Cell Bank

As the majority of precious indigenous livestock genetic resources remain exposed to the vagaries of genetic erosion due to limitations of in situ conservation programs Somatic cell bank was initiated at ICAR-NBAGR, Karnal in 2015 to develop, evaluate and cryopreserve the skin fibroblast cells of different Indian livestock species. Fibroblast bank offers a practical approach to preserve germplasm that remained an underutilized tool in national conservation programs. It shall provide the diploid genome in the future which can be used to recreate the animals by use of SCNT (Somatic cell nuclear transfer) technique, and provide invaluable resource for genomic, post-genomic and somatic cell cloning research.

cos 1
cos 2

Figure: a) Cells emerging from ear tissue explant b) Near confluence cells on the day 6 of culture (x40 magnification)

Somatic cells of breeds / populations cryo preserved in National livestock genebank

Species Breeds/ populations
Donkey Halari, Kachchhi, Ladakhi
Horse Marwari, Manipuri Zanskari
Cattle Tharparkar, Purnea
Camel Double hump, Kutchi, Kharai, Bikaneri, Jaisalmeri, Jalori, Mewari, Marwari
Goat Sirohi, Rohilkhandi
Yak Ladakhi
Mithun   Nagaland
Pig Ghurrah, Ghoongroo, Doom, Purnea
Cumulative status
Species 8
Breeds/ populations 24
Cryo freezed vials (1×106 cells/ vial) 5448