Masilum cattle

National Bureau of Animal Genetic Resources
Karnal-132001 (Haryana)

Masilum cattle are small size, well built, sturdy, and well adapted to the hill ecosystem of Meghalaya. These indigenous cattle areavailable in Hills of Meghalaya and reared by the Khasi and Janitia community. The Khasi language has words ‘Masi’ and “Lum” that means cattle and hills, so it is called as “Masilum”.The predominant body colourvaried from black, brown, and mixture of brown, grey and black. Dewlap and hump are medium in cow while well-developed dewlap and hump with tuft of hair over the hump has been observed in bulls. Horns are short and black in colour. Average daily milk yield, lactation milk yield and lactation length are 2.72±0.45 kg, 456.42±10.53 kg and 168.56±9.28 days, respectively

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Masilum Cattle