Rates of existing Services/Testing offered by ICAR-NBAGR (w.e.f. 2 May, 2017)

Sr.No. Name/Kind of Items/service(s) Revised Rate Name of Lab , I/c Scientist & Mob.No. Remarks
1. Breed registration Free of Cost Dr.Saket Niranjan Addressed to Director ICAR-NBAGR
2. Breed Calendar:Cattle breeds of India Rs. 150.00 (Per Calendar) I/c P&E
3. Breed Calendar:Buffalo breeds of India Rs. 100.00 (Per Calendar) I/c P&E
4. Breed Calendar:Goat breeds of India Rs. 150.00 (Per Calendar) I/c P&E
5. Breed Calendar:Sheep breeds of India Rs. 200.00 (Per Calendar) I/c P&E
6. Breed Calendar:Chicken breeds of India Rs. 100.00 (Per Calendar) I/c P&E
7. Scientific training in the field of characterization, conservation, molecular genetics and biotechnology w.r.t. AnGR To be fixed at the time of training as per ICAR norms Director (Tel:0184-2267918)
8. Consultancy, planning and policy making related to characterization and
conservation of AnGR.
On request to the Director (ICAR-NBAGR), Karnal Director (Tel:0184-2267918) Dr. P.K.Singh (I/c ITMU) 9416411329
9. Cytogenetic screening of all livestock species (Code: 01_KARYO) Rs. 1400/- per sample AG Lab-3
Dr. SK Niranjan (9729000510)
10. DNA test for screening of Bovine Leukocyte Adhesion Deficiency (BLAD) in cattle and buffalo species (Code: 02_BLAD) Rs. 600/- per sample AG Lab-3
Dr. SK Niranjan (9729000510)
11. DNA test for screening of Deficiency of uridine monophosphate synthase (DUMPS) in cattle and buffalo species (Code: 05_DUMPS) Rs. 600/- per sample AG Lab-3
Dr. SK Niranjan (9729000510)
12. DNA test for screening of Citrullinemia in cattle and buffalo species (Code: 04_CITRU) Rs. 600/- per sample AG Lab-3
Dr. SK Niranjan (9729000510)
13. DNA test for screening of Factor XI Deficiency in cattle and buffalo species (Code: 03_FXID) Rs. 600/- per sample AG Lab-3
Dr. SK Niranjan (9729000510)
14. Genotyping of A1/A2 allele from milk or blood samples in cattle and buffalo species (Code: 07_A1A2) Govt./Non-Govt./Private agency: Rs. 1000/- per sample

Livestock owner / Farmer: Rs. 800/- per sample

Cattle Genomics Lab
Dr. Monika Sodhi (9729591871)
(Pl. see guidelines given below for sampling)
15. Frozen semen of Tharparkar bull (Code: 10_SEM) Rs. 30/- per dose National Gene Bank
Dr. RAK Aggarwal (9416067363)


  • These rates of the services, except forGenotyping of A1/A2 allele from milk or blood samples,are applicable to all Government, Non-government and private agencies/stakeholders as well as private livestock owners/farmers/persons.
  • Rate for “Genotyping of A1/A2 allele from milk or blood samplesof cattle and buffalo (Code: 07_A1A2)” service isRs. 1000/ per sample for all types of Government, Non-government and private agencies/stakeholders, andRs. 800/ per sample for private livestock owners/farmers.
  • The rate of Breed Calendarsof livestock and poultry speciesfor Foreignnational/individual/firm/agencyis100 US Dollar or equivalent Indian Rupees for each calendar, including postal charge(s).

Guidelines For Services/Testing Offered By ICAR-NABAR

  • To encourage the electronic transfer of money, payment(s) for the services should, preferably, be done through RTGS/NEFT to the Institute account by the applicant in following Bank account. During electronic payment kindly mention the concerned “Service Code” in-text information, further information of e-transaction (with all descriptions) must be provided to the concerned Lab In-charge through email.
For availing the services/testing, Pl. click Online payment..> Payment gateway…> https://www.onlinesbi.sbi/sbicollect/icollecthome.htm?corpID=3868758






Name of Account holder: ICAR-UNIT-NBAGR, Karnal
Name of the Bank: State Bank of India
Branch: Model Town, Karnal (Branch Code 01761)
Account Number 10093065125
IFSC Code SBIN0001761
MICR Code 1320002107
  • Demand Draft or Bankers Cheque may also be accepted. The amount may be deposited through a Demand Draft in favor of ‘ICAR Unit NBAGR Karnal’ payable at any nationalized bank at Karnal.
  • Payment of different charges should be received to the institute before delivering the result(s) of service/consultancies. Agency can also make prior booking for any service by making full payment in advance as per rate list.
  • Service tax for various services will be leviedas per existing norms for service tax under appropriate Act(s) of Govt. of India.
  • For any services, an application for conducting examination/screening addressing to the Director, ICAR- National Bureau of Animal Genetic Resources, GT Bye Pass Road, Karnal must be accompanied along with samples. Applicant must provide full address along with phone/mobile/fax/email in application.
  • Collection of a sample(s) and their submission to the concerned lab will have to be carried out by the applicant himself/herself or on their behalf. Only in exceptional cases, samples can be collected by ICAR-NBAGR staff, for that applicant will have to provide TA/DA as per rule for the personnel.
  • Samples will be received in the concerned lab in working hours of the working days only.
  • Sample should clearly mention about the Animal ID on the collection tube. However, the description of samples must be provided separately with Animal ID, breed, sex, age. However, information about the fertility status of the animal along with other requisites should also be provided in case of cytological screening.
  • Service will be provided as first come first serve basis. However, it is advisable to the applicant to contact the concerned lab In-charge for suitability of time in view of their research engagement as well as to avoid overcrowding of samples for analysis.
  • Only following samples of farm animal species will be taken for any service for screening/examination provided by the institute.
Type of service Farm animal for screening Type of sample for screening
Cytological screening Cattle, buffalo, sheep, goat, pig, horse, donkey, camel, yak, mithun Whole Blood (Sterile, Heparin tubes under cold conditions)
BLAD, DUMPS, Citrullinemia, FXI deficiency Cattle, buffalo Whole blood, DNA (under cold conditions)
A1/A2 allele Cattle, buffalo Whole blood, DNA, milk (under cold conditions)
Meat differentiation Cattle, buffalo origin Meat, DNA, Blood (under cold conditions)
  • About 8-10 ml blood sample should be collected under strictly sterile condition in heparin coated vacutainer tubes (green top), for cytological analysis and EDTA coated tubes (purple top) for other services.
  • Blood samples must be reached to lab as soon as possible (not beyond 48 hours after collection of blood for cytological analysis) preferably in cooled (at about 4 degreeC) conditions. Blood specimens will be rejected if not received in proper condition (frozen, hemolyzed or clotted).
  • In case of any contamination or unproductive culture/result, blood samples will be resubmitted to the concerned Lab at the cost of applicant.
  • Request for repeating the test(s) will be at additional cost as per rates payable by applicant.
  • Any DNA samples submitted for the screening must be assured for their quality check.
  • Since most of the tests specifically cytogenetic screening need longer time for analysis, therefore, intimation of the results may take about 30 to 45 days after receiving samples, depending upon number of samples received and type of service asked for.
  • Result(s) or its any part provided by the institute can not be permitted for use as an evidence or any other reason for any vetro-legal case.
  • Being our utmost engagement in the livestock research and other bureau activities, providing any service(s) by the Institute will be sole discretion of Director, ICAR-NBAGR and will not be binding to the Institute.